Collaboration between QYOBO and Qualifyze provides new opportunities to analyze and monitor pharmaceutical supply chains

28 February 2023, Munich – The COVID-19 pandemic, the war in Ukraine, and the consequential energy crisis, along with supply chain interruptions  have ramped up the cost pressure for drug manufacturers around the globe. Recent shortages for essential medicines such as Paracetamol cough syrups and various antibiotics have significantly increased the interest of the general public and governments into the resilience of pharmaceutical supply chains and the “race to the bottom” incentivized by the tender business.1 2 3 To support pharmaceutical companies gain an overview on their own supply chain risks and increase their resilience,  in Q4/2022, two European tech companies, QYOBO and Qualifyze, established a connection between their databases. 

While QYOBO provides actionable information about approx. 8,000 manufacturing locations along the entire value chain of pharmaceutical production from manufacturers of key starting materials (KSM) and APIs to finished dosage forms (FDF) producers and marketing authorization holders (MA holders), Qualifyze provides proprietary data about their conducted and planned audits for pharmaceutical manufacturing sites on the QYOBO platform. Started only 4 years ago, Qualifyze has already performed more than 1,500 audits – including prominent suppliers like Merck Group. This information is embedded into the interface of the QYOBO platform, allowing users to access the latest audit data of each manufacturer, indicating the reliability and compliance of the respective supplier. Users can also request additional audits for their suppliers directly from Qualifyze (see Figure 1), should no audit data be available at the time.

Apart from providing a seamless, efficient experience for users on the QYOBO platform, the combination of Qualifyze’s and QYOBO’s data provides unique opportunities for clients of both companies. For each manufacturing site, the QYOBO platform summarizes publicly available inspection data from regulatory sources such as the USFDA, Canada Health, EDQM, or WHO. If there’s a long gap between audits in these regulatory databases, with a single click,  users can request a high-quality audit from Qualifyze. 

Moreover, Qualifyze audits can serve both as an early warning as well as contribute to a better understanding how fast a non-compliance situation can be resolved. The next joint article of QYOBO and Qualifyze will provide a more detailed overview of how the information about warning letters is shown on the QYOBO platform and how it can be enriched with the insights from Qualifyze. Meanwhile feel free to reach us in case of any questions or feedback.



Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient

         Finished Dosage Form

Key Starting Material



About QYOBO GmbH

QYOBO’s mission is to improve access to essential medication for everyone by contributing to a more transparent, efficient and robust supply of pharmaceutical and chemical raw materials.
For this purpose, we’ve developed the QYOBO market analytics platform for APIs, intermediates and chemicals. From millions of trade, regulatory and financial datasets scattered around the world, our big data algorithms derive unique, actionable insights on market prices and trends, suggest suitable partners for your business and automate data-heavy workflows in procurement, supply chain and business development.
Founded in June 2019 and based in Munich, our company is pursuing its mission collaboratively with its international clients and has been recognized with numerous awards including the BASF market challenge and the Digital Innovation award 2020 by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs & Energy (BMWi).


About Qualifyze GmbH

Qualifyze supports pharmaceutical companies with consistent, reliable and flexible audits, at scale. They’ve made it their mission to build the trust layer for global supply chains, using curated data and actionable insights to help their stakeholders make the most of their audits. With over 150+ expert, local auditors, more than 800+ pharma clients worldwide and over 1500+ audit reports available in their database, they’re a global leader in 3rd party audit execution.



QYOBO and Qualifyze are independent companies and not affiliated with each other. The collaboration is driven by  our joint pursuit to deliver the best experience to our clients. This assessment has been prepared adhering to the highest quality standards based on a variety of external data sources (see sources) with the purpose of making distributed information accessible to a broader audience. The information contained in this document is provided on an “as is” basis and QYOBO GmbH assumes no responsibility or liability for the completeness, accuracy, usefulness or timeliness of the information provided. This article contains links to external websites operated by third parties upon which QYOBO GmbH has no influence. QYOBO GmbH does not assume any guarantee or liability for third party content.

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