Dependency of API manufacturing from Israel

12 October 2023, Munich  Due to the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas 1 2, we investigated the impact of the conflict on global pharmaceutical supply chains using the QYOBO platform.

We identified over 60 essential APIs manufactured in Israel. Only 4 APIs have more than 30% of their API manufacturing footprint in Israel, among them Amprolium, a commonly used veterinarian drug, and Atosiban, a pharmaceutical used in gynecology (see Figure 1).

Two APIs are manufactured exclusively in Israel, including APIs for two orphan drugs. Pegunigalsidase alfa (ElfabrioTM) is a treatment option for Fabry disease, and Taliglucerase alfa (ElelysoTM) for Morbus Gaucher. Both are produced by Protalix, located north-east of Haifa, close to the Lebanese border (see Figure 2). 

In Lebanon, we identified two FDF manufacturing companies (ALGORITHM SAL and PHARMALINE SAL). However, they are based north of Beirut and therefore not directly in the currently affected area. 

All in all, except for two drugs, we don’t expect significant supply chain disruptions on the API manufacturing side.





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